Goa - Life's a beach, enjoy the waves

India’s smallest state with Panaji as the capital, Goa has the noticeable influence of Portuguese culture.The city has much to offer to the travelers: mouth watering exotic dishes, heavenly beaches, ancient churches and world heritage architecture. It’s the mix of adventure and relaxation and you will end up weaving wonderful memories.

How to reach

Goa is well acquainted with the roadways and airways.

Dabolim Airport is the main domestic as well as international airport in Goa. Once you take the exit, taxi service will welcome you to take the proceedings further.

Bus - Goa savor daily bus services from metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Pune. You can board the bus from the terminal and it is durable in terms of money as well as time.

Railways - The state is well linked with other states via means of railway. Two extensive railway heads namely Madgaon and Vasco Da Gama serve the state. Goa Sampark Kranti Express and Trivandrum Express are the obvious ones which run on regular basis from Delhi.

Tourists’ Attractions

You have got the chance of exploration in Goa. A multi layered city has much to offer. Following are some of the ‘must-visit-places’-

1. Beaches - Undoubtedly this is what everyone come for in Goa. With the gift of over 25 beaches, Goa offers a way of rejuvenation and relaxation to whosoever lands here. North Goa is known to have more lively and cheerful beaches whereas the beaches in south Goa are known to be more calm and undisturbed. Not only they are the preferred part destinations but also the beautiful serenity of the sunset and the sand brushing your foot nails will leave you in amazement and wonder.

2. Sunburn Festival - One of the highlights of Goa which is the perfect blend of music, dance, food and celebration accompanied by other exciting activities. It is held in December covering the span of three days of thrilling performances by some of the famous artists.

3. Goa Carnival - Takes place every year and is a combination of parade, dance, music and food.

4. Butterfly conservatory in Ponda - A place where you could witness variety of butterflies. September is the recommended time to visit

5. Churches and Monasteries - Goa is the home to some of the ancient and innovative architectural churches and Monasteries. Not only they are baroque in styles but also uphold the value and landmark to the city.

When food calls!

There are some must try local delicacies offered by multiple restaurants and stalls. The dishes vary from Konkani to Parsi food and sea food is another variety offering you mouth watering dishes.

Where to stay

Regenta Resort Varca Beach, Goa located near Varca beach is one of the best choices for lodging. It offers suitable rooms, suites, banquet halls and party spaces and facilitates customers with their extraordinary services and amenities they offer.

Also, customers can avail the package according to their suitability.

Travel Trips

1. If possible, try to have a week stay at least and If not then do not try to cover all the destinations. Instead, choose which are nearest and are unique. You are going to make memories; carve a beautiful one.

2. Carry your driving license for it will be needed when hiring a bike.

3. Taxis are relatively expensive. So, another alternative is to take bikes on rent.

4. Do not drink and drive. Make sure you have someone who is in his senses and can be trusted after your party.