Noida- A Satellite City of Delhi
Tourism a social, cultural and economic phenomenon enticing the movement of people to different places but while looking at tourism it’s important to consider the term hospitality because they both go hand in hand.
Haridwar - A Culturally Rich Destination
Haridwar is situated at a height of 314 meters from the sea level between Shivalik Hills in the north and north east and the Ganges River in the south. It is an ancient city and important Hindu pilgrimage site in north India’s Uttarakhand state where the river Ganges Har Ki Pauri hosts a mighty Aarti (river worshipping ceremony) in which tiny flickering lamps are floated off the steps.
Things to do in Bharatpur
1. Keoladeo National Park - Also known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is a host of more than 270 bird species. Ornithologists from all over the world visit this world heritage site. In 1971, the Park was declared as a protected Sancturay and large number of tourists is attracted to this.
Your Perfect Wedding Destination
The exotic beaches with blue water and white sand, the rich Portuguese architecture, luxury resorts and traditional Goan culture makes South Goa different from rest of Goa in many aspects, which attracts more tourists, photographers, art lovers, film and event organisers.
Goa - Life's a beach, enjoy the waves
India’s smallest state with Panaji as the capital, Goa has the noticeable influence of Portuguese culture.The city has much to offer to the travelers: mouth watering exotic dishes, heavenly beaches, ancient churches and world heritage architecture. It’s the mix of adventure and relaxation and you will end up weaving wonderful memories.
jim corbett
Jim Corbett
Originated as ‘Hailey National park’ and changing its name to Corbett National Park after the independence, it is an integral part of ‘Project Tiger’.
tarika jim corbett
A Perfect Place for Reunion
Regenta Resort Tarika is one of the most amazing resort of entire North India, situated adjacent to Jim Corbett National Park and the beautiful Kosi River, increasing its charm even more. The resort is surrounded by lush green beautiful mountain, while the gushing sound of the river water combined with the pleasant voices of birds nearby Corbett will surely touch your heartstrings very deeply.